Youth and women’s organization

Changing the attitude of the whole society towards the functions and roles of youth and women
Strengthening the potential and actual abilities and talents of young people and women in order to accept management responsibilities
Consolidation and excellence of family foundations
Participation in national-people development programs
Strengthening the religious identity and national pride of young people and women as a driving engine and motivation and revealing their achievements and hope for the future
Detailed and principled planning to promote the good tradition of marriage among young people
Promoting Waltram’s practical approach to Imam’s thoughts and leadership in the field of youth marriage
Preparing suitable and attractive plans and programs and holding group marriage celebrations of young people and spreading it at the country level
Promoting the holding of low-cost ceremonies and adhering to the way of the innocents, peace be upon them, which is the key to the permanence and unbreakability of bonds.
Supporting cultural productions in the field of marriage and expanding the capacities of people and good people in the matter of marriage
Expansion of counseling centers in the field of marriage and consolidation of family foundations
Improving the quality of education in terms of basics and content through the media
Designing a document to support youth marriage in social, sectoral and inter-sectoral programs and non-governmental organizations