Cultural and artistic development organization

Promoting the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom in the country in order to institutionalize it in the society
Helping to promote and introduce the martyrs and sacrificers as the summit dwellers of happiness and good fortune in the society
Providing cultural and Quranic services in order to strengthen the spirituality and religious beliefs of people and society
Implementation of programs to expand Quranic education from elementary to advanced levels and interpretation and hadith for the target community
Supporting the artists and people of pen and art of the big family of the development center in order to present and create luxurious and lasting works
Holding art exhibitions in the country and abroad
Holding one-day and multi-day educational-cultural camps for young people in the form of students, students, seminaries
Management of camps and cultural and recreational centers and covered resorts
Creation and development of cultural and recreational centers in order to implement programs related to the occupation of leisure time and educational affairs of youth and teenagers
Developing and implementing programs related to promoting and strengthening positive thinking and self-discovery and self-belief of youth