Sea and Weather Organization

Extensive and strategic planning regarding the creation and development of coastal bazaars and the development of business and entrepreneurship spaces throughout the coasts of both the North and South Seas.
Planning and coordination for the development of fishing using the regulations and facilities of the trustees in order to increase employment and provide income for fishermen.
Development of port activities and marine transportation by designing and implementing appropriate plans and programs based on economic efficiency; Coordination and synergism with institutions active in the sea area and especially “expansion of cultural services and information and publications for
Planning to create and expand sea therapy initiative as a new industry to attract tourists
Setting up coastal and marine complexes to expand tourist attraction and strengthen the tourism industry
Strengthening international communication with the priority of neighboring countries in order to attract and exchange tourists and trade
Planning to attract investors, especially wandering and stagnant capital in the hands of individuals and guiding them to invest in safe and profitable activities in order to increase employment and contribute to the economic development of the country