Social Development and National Cohesion Organization

Creation and establishment of funds and financial and credit institutions in order to develop activities in the field of capital, coordination and contracting from double facilities to the covered community through banks and financial and credit institutions.
Provision and distribution of livelihood and welfare facilities and items for the target community, such as a basket of goods and their other needs
Helping to provide housing through the granting of loan facilities or participation in the construction and production and completion of residential units for the people.
production of low-cost housing for low-income classes and groups; Youth and needy people of society
Encouraging and supporting our young marriages and helping to strengthen families
Planning in order to expand activities related to the social field of youth
Creating and developing productive employment through financial and intellectual support or providing work tools for the purpose of self-reliance of individuals and families by expanding cooperatives and small and fast-yielding enterprises.
Finding and attracting breadwinners for families in various jobs and the labor market through cooperation with the government.
Help in providing medicine and medical and paramedical equipment for the needy people of the target community.
Creation and development of medical and hospital centers in Tehran and provinces through attracting people’s help and participation of relevant persons and specialists and their management.
Providing treatment and rehabilitation services for the target community through covered clinics or parties
Agreement and participation of relevant institutions.
Helping to provide treatment for special patients such as chemical injuries, spinal injuries and mental health through
Inside and outside the country.
Pursuing medical and health issues and problems of the target community through the relevant authorities and executive bodies of the government and the Islamic Council.
Accepting the gifts of public and national aid and public benefit centers and guiding it in the field of medical aid and rehabilitation and the health of the target community.
Development of complementary life insurance industry among the target community.