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Greetings and respectful service, dear friends and companions

As the Secretary General of Iran's Cultural and Social Development Center in Tehran province, I am proud to have several appeals with you dear ones. The purpose of this message is to talk about how to synergize and participate with the lower classes and popular social centers in order to solve social problems.

1- About the importance of rights and protection of the importance of environmental protection and examining its challenges:
Environment and animals are a heritage that must be preserved for future generations. Pollution of air, water and soil, destruction of natural resources and climate change are issues that, considering their seriousness, we all must unite to protect our environment.

2- Discussion about civil, citizenship and human rights:
Equality in the rights and freedom of all people, regardless of gender, race, religion or opinion, is the main thing that must be observed in our society. have a special
3- The importance of peace and its promotion:
Without peace and tranquility, no society can progress. The main axis of our cultural and social development center is: "Love, altruism and synergy in our society"

Secretary General of the Association

Dr. Hamidreza Kazemi

Considering the importance of the issues discussed in this collection, I request you to participate in solving the social problems and realizing the bigger ideals of the society with your like-mindedness and active cooperation. All of us can create a dynamic, just and advanced society by uniting and working together

4- Solving social problems:
Solving social problems requires common thinking and active participation of social groups and centers. Support for vulnerable groups of society, including homeless women, orphans, the poor, working children, the elderly, and the disabled.
Young people, as the future of society, play a very important role in solving social problems.

5- The needs of art lovers:
Cultivators, artists and academics, as the cultural and educational bases of society, play a vital role in development and progress. Finally, thinkers and lawyers with their views and analyzes can contribute to creative and constructive solutions for social issues. Considering the importance of the issues that It was reviewed in this series, I request you to participate in solving social problems and realizing the larger ideals of the society with your like-mindedness and active cooperation.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Dr. Hamidreza Kazemi